Cairdean Estate Editorial Ads

Editorial Advertisement Design


  • Project Name: Cairdean Editorials
  • Type: Editorial Advertisement
  • Client: Cairdean Estate


his project involved creating full-page advertisements for Cairdean Estate, targeting prestigious magazines and newspapers such as Edible Marin & Wine Country, SF City Guide, San Francisco Chronicle, Modern Luxury Brides California, San Francisco Magazine, and The Preiser Key. The goal was to attract foot traffic to the winery before its complete rebrand. The project included selecting images from a curated list, writing compelling copy, and designing the layout of the advertisements.


  • Ad Designer: Designed full-page advertisements that were visually appealing and aligned with the pre-rebrand identity of Cairdean Estate. Created layouts that effectively combined imagery and text to engage readers and convey the winery’s message. Ensured the advertisements adhered to the specifications and guidelines of each publication.
  • Content Creator: Collaborated with the marketing director to select appropriate images from a curated list that best represented the winery. Wrote persuasive and engaging copy to accompany the images, highlighting the unique aspects of Cairdean Estate. Ensured the copy was tailored to the audience of each specific publication to maximize impact.
  • Project Collaborator: Worked closely with the marketing director to align on creative vision and strategy for the advertisements. Conducted multiple reviews and revisions based on feedback to ensure the final ads met the highest standards. Coordinated with publication teams to ensure timely submission and placement of the advertisements.
  • Marketing Strategist/Collaborator: Collaborated in creating a strategy to use editorial advertisements as a means to increase foot traffic to the winery. Identified key publications that would reach the target audience and negotiated advertisement placements. Monitored the effectiveness of the advertisements and gathered insights to inform future marketing efforts.