Brasswood Website



  • Project Name: Winery Website
  • Type: Website Design and Development
  • Client: Brasswood Estate


As part of the complete rebranding of Brasswood Winery, this project involved designing and developing a new website that showcased the winery’s diverse offerings. The website needed to highlight the bakery, restaurant, multiple tasting rooms, art gallery, event venue, high end mercantile, picnic area, and the estate as a whole. Additionally, it required functionality for visitors to make reservations for wine tasting experiences and dining at the restaurant.


  • Website Designer: Conceptualized and designed the layout and visual elements of the website to reflect the new brand identity of Brasswood Winery. Created a user-friendly and visually appealing interface that showcased the winery’s diverse offerings. Designed pages for each key area of the estate, ensuring that each section was informative and engaging.
  • Content Creator: Developed and curated content that effectively communicated the winery’s story, values, and offerings. Ensured that all content was consistent with the new brand voice and aesthetic. Worked with the marketing director to integrate high-quality images, videos, and other media into the website.
  • Web Developer: Implemented website functionalities, including reservation systems for wine tastings and restaurant bookings. Ensured the website was responsive, optimized for various devices, and provided a seamless user experience.
  • Web Developer: Managed the project timeline. Conducted regular reviews and testing to ensure the website met all requirements and standards. Provided training and support to the staff for managing and updating some of the website content. Managed the website content.